Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Heart of the Visionary Workshop

Heart of the Visionary Workshop Sponsored by Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC

A One Day Workshop for Awakening Entrepreneurs


From Shiloh McCloud...

I am deeply passionate about the process of empowering women to answer the call to their own life work! I have been working with women in and on their businesses for over eight years and have discovered that creating a VISION that is in alignment with our values as women is of the utmost importance to our health--spiritual, mental, physical and financial. In light of this, I am committed to doing whatever I possibly can, to support the dreams of women, becoming their realities.

Many of us have brilliant ideas, wisdom, passion, direction, drive, and even finances, but are not utlizing certain essential ingredients that will make the whole thing really work. There are tools, that have been developed by "traditional" business models, and adapted by women that shorten the distance between our ideas, and our actions. The new book and workshop, Heart of the Visionary is designed to guide women to MANIFEST - CREATE - VISION - PLAN - ENTER ABUNDANCE and ACT with principles, guidelines and creativity that activate the mighty river of their dreams. These tools allow that river, once flowing, to never ever have to stop again, and provide protection such that nothing and no one can prevent the power and beauty of the mighty woman who calls herself a visionary, an entrepreneur, from being passionately alive in the flow of her creative dreams.

We utilize the infinite pathways of right and left brain activity, paired with the heart of the visionary that lives within us to mobilize our access to the language that lives inside. The language that will enable clear, focused articulation of the WORDS that are needed to WRITE our visions and missions onto paper so that they might not only be shared with others, but provide a map for us to follow through the rough terrain of "making it". Our work can be Sacred. Holy. Inspired. Blessed. Especially when we choose for it to be that way, through the power and clarity of our intention.

The Heart of the Visionary Workshop intention is to support women to design a LIFE PLAN:

Create A Foundation For:

A Vision Plan

A Marketing Plan

A Business Plan


A Plan of Action

and of course,

A Celebration!


The Workshop will be led in a women's learning circle format. Shiloh McCloud will facilitate the group process, and then women will work together in small round table groups to explore and write the foundations for their vision, marketing and business plans. This learning environment will be an opportunity to gather wisdom from the group - as well as to share your wisdom, in an atmosphere of committed others that all benefit from the powerful energy of women working together to fulfill our life purposes! This day is truly about creating an environment in which the seeds for your life work may be firmly planted using the template from the Heart of the Visionary Workbook as a guiding tool.


Three of the Heart of the Visionary Authors, Mary Mac Donald, elizaBeth Benson-Udom and Caron McCloud will also be facilitating section modules like: media, niche marketing, clients, pricing, press, mission statement, financials, and be available to assist in the round table heart storming forums. Shiloh McCloud, visionary artist, author and teacher will be facilitating the day, and calling us all to unreasonable love and action on behalf or our own life work.

Where: Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa 801 Bridgeway, Sausalito 1-800-288-0502 www.casamadrona.com

Cost to Attend: Workshop + Gourmet Lunch in sumptuous surroundings = $245

Since it is a one day workshop, lodging is not necesary, but if you would like to stay and make a spa day of the day you are not in workshop - we encourage you to make arrangements! Lodging for Friday or Saturday night must be orchestrated with the hotel. Tell them you are with the Cosmic Cowgirls group. Nurture yourself!


Saturday, January 5 OR Sunday, January 6 - CHOOSE ONE DAY!

Workshop Schedule 10am-6pm (in-progress):

  • 9:30 Registration
  • 10:00 Opening Circle and Introductions
  • 11:00 Vision Plan
  • 12:30-1:30 Marketing Plan
  • 1:30 -2:45 Gourmet Lunch
  • 3:00 - 4:30 Visionary Business Plan
  • 4:45 Presentations of Our Visions
  • 5:30 Closing Circle
  • 6:00 Circle Complete!

Additional Directions and details provided upon registration. Questions: 1-888-385-6866


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elizaBeth Benson said...

i am so blessed to be a part of this effort led by Shiloh McCloud and her important work. For over a decade, now, i've been journeying with Shiloh through her Color of Woman books and soulful, vibrant, woman centric imagery. when i learned she was opening her work to a wider group of artists and wanting to work collaboratively to bring the bigger meaning of her work alive in the hearts and minds and daily experience of others, i felt blessed, and immediately signed up to be a cosmic cowgirl. that in less than a year, i'd be invited to collaborate in a meaningful way on a book that makes purposeful use of my experience, strength and hope as earned by all my hard knocks and trying is, well, no less than a dream come true. this workshop, opened in this way, held through the practices of women's sacred circles around the world--well, it will be so much more than a yummy treat. it will be a powerful place to begin. you will get to see the faces of your spirit tribe gathered around you as you write real words about your real dreams that you are ready, willing and wildly capable of birthing, growing and caring for in the wider world.

come. play. make. begin.