Friday, January 16, 2009

The First Ever Cosmic Cowgirl Journal Entry

This morning I was searching for writings from the past and I found this amazing journal entry which ended up in my book, She Dances Between the Worlds, but it was the first ever Cosmic Cowgirl heart storming that I ever did...

Do you have one bare foot on the earth and one boot in the stars?

It has been said that wellness in this life is a matter of finding balance...
For instance… "balanced energy products now on sale at your local zen mart and all you have to do eat this super bliss bar, drink magic vitamin water, go to these classes and meditate on goodness, become your most empowered self in three easy steps, say the following mantra- or go to this church or that healer or therapist or guru or buy a journal... we know the story of commodified spirituality well by now. And it isn't that all these things haven't done us some good, certainly they have, but the thing is, for she who dances between the worlds, not one of these things has a sustaining impact. And has brilliant as she is - most of the material out there seems to feed her the message that it is her fault because she cannot stick with the program. With a healthy heap of low self esteem she is soon she is back at the sales counter hoping for a message she can believe - the distances between where she is now and the “balance” that is trying to get to and before she knows it anti-depressants are being recommended... All we have to do is look around at who we know - and the balanced heroes are few among us...because we desire to live out all aspects of ourselves and as we well know this can be dangerous...especially if our wild woman is surpressed for too long...

This galaxy wide group who must dance from foot to foot and it is very much about moving with grace and not about sitting still because she cannot live her life sitting down...not that she shouldn't rest more, in fact this journal is about getting the nourishment a woman needs through creativity, through exploring the language of the heart through word and image....
If you are still unsure if you are part of the Cosmic Cowgirl Connection,
the questions below should help you clarify...

When you were growing up did you feel a call toward being a nun --- and an exotic dancer (or a solid gold dancer)?
Within the same minute, do you wish you had a home of your own with a garden and a porch swing --- and that you could ride a hot pink harley davidson touring across the world in all-girl rock group called the Love Bandits?
When you buy beige because it matches the other things in your life do you secretly put the red slinky dress back and say "What would they think if I..."
Do you wonder if God is a woman? And are you willing to find out for yourself even if it means questioning everything you have been told?
When you see photographs of wrinkled up medicine women in national geographic with herbs in her pouch and flowers in her hair - do you wish you were her, even more than you wish you where a size 7?

Do you have a saviour complex even when you know it won't work?
On Halloween do you dress as a. gypsy queen b. a witch with leopard print stockings c. a rhinestone cowgirl or d. the Virgen de Guadalupe or e. any kind of nature spirit, fairy, angel or mythical being f. all of the above in one costume - well, on most days, cosmic cowgirls will embody at one moment or another, like all of the above. If you have answered YES!, or greatly considered by chuckling knowingly to yourself, to more than three, you are not alone. For more information about an upcoming event in your honor, please turn to the inside front cover where you will find a personal invitation to the Rodeo of the Soul. A party where prayer and passion will dance you between the worlds...

You are invited to the Rodeo of the Soul


A Party Where Prayer and Passion Dance!
A Journey Where All Parts of YOU Are Included!
A Sanctuary For Your ArtistSelf to Create What She Wants!

Who: All the cosmic cowgirls and women who dance between two worlds
and for those who believe passionate expression unveils the genius within

(that labored accuracy constantly reminds us we are not)
inner peace is like the eye of the storm

Where: This event will be held at the very private, most sought after and and divinely delectable "The Extra Cream Cafe of Un-Broken Dreams"

The place where you order up what you want with how much you want and it isn't interrupted by the villons of shoulda coulda woulda - they hang out at the The Saloon of Sorry as where you have been so many times before and will probablly visit again, but not just now.

When: NOW.

Why: If you are holding this red-hot saucy juice filled action packed samba of an invitation in your hands then you have been chosen by your inner artist to answer the call and get yourself out of the closet and onto the dance floor.

What to Wear - Come as you are - pajama are encouraged, as well as painting smocks, and cowboy boots - but at some point during the party you may find yourself in need of some red shoes and or red cowgirl boots - there will be intermissions for the purchase of red shoes during the course of the journey.

What to bring: All the essentials are already provided courtesy of you, but for more details, look within for the creations materials list

Who will be there: Hopefully, if they followed the map - the parts of you that you don't let others see will show up in all their racous glory or all their meditative splendor or all their unveiled brilliance.

Warning: There are no critics on the guest list and so if you have one, no matter how intelligent, please leave them at the door. If any critic attempts to enter, they will be detected immediately by our self-care alert team and will be removed by a very large buff woman with tattoos. If this should occur, please step aside, and do not attempt contact as it could be dangerous to the pleasurable experience awaiting your arrival.

You are an Artist. And Artists create, invent, ponder and discover. If when you call yourself and artist you think immediately following, I am not, or so and so is but I haven't really...well I did take a class once...this is all a lie you and "them" have told you to keep yourself from what you really want to create, say, do and dream. Each of is a creator - this is why you must attend this soulful celebration - to explore your artist's self. If you already call yourself an artist and have claimed that identity, then you already know the why of this invitation....
Now really is the only time to do what you want. Even if now is carved out in fifteen manageable increments at first...In order to understand what Now means, we have to get it that Now is directly proportional to self-worth - so, if you do not value yourself you do not value taking time for yourself, which ironically is what could just help you to value you.
A special note to Mamas: You know what -now- means more than anyone - however it has most likely become the now associated with the needs of everyone else. If possible, let the children wait a little longer - it is better for them to say and see "Mommie is an artist" than just about any other title. It will not only be best for you, but best for them as they develop their own patterns of self-esteem and creative development.
Dedicated to two saints and two of my best friends

"Decide who you are going to be an do it on purpose" - Dolly Parton
A Patron Saint of the Cosmic Cowgirls

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Flock of Phoenix - A Writing for the Wild Ones

A Flock of Phoenix

You don’t have to know how to do it.
You just have to know you want to do it.
This is the time when women and work
rise together.
A Phoenix all adorned
in fire red and diamonds.
Ready to fly to her next destination.
We have worked the whole time.
But we have not always been paid
for that time,
or recognized for that time
We knew our work and words
were valuable.
Even though we were told
it was not. We still knew.
And some of us got lost in knowing
but not knowing what to do about it.
That is finished now.
Chapter over.
A new chapter has been written
by us, of course.
A new prophesy is being called out.
Women are wealthy.
Women are wise.
Women stand for each other.
Women share fire light.
Sometimes we stay in ashes too long.
Mourning for all that has been lost.
And mourn we should.
Because of the crimes. What is happening
to sons and daughters in our greater family
is unspeakable in the form of this page.
My words cannot wrap themselves around
the horror (that is another poem)
But we know
endlessly of the constant press of sad stories.
So, we who are able, must rise.
And make space for others to rise.
We who are able,
We who are able,
We who are able,
must chant our transformation chant.
Each of us makes up her own
fire rising song.
We sing the words out into creation.
And watch the sparks begin to fly.
Just because fire was used against us.
Does not mean we give up fire, no.
We have breathed fire and it is our ally.
Our legend is not one of only burning.
Although we have done that many times.
Our legend is one of rising.
Of flying.
Of taking wing from impossible ashes.
Dusting the gray from off of our fire red wings.
We extend a shimmering wing
And then the next.
We raise our heads to the light.
And the earth in her wisdom
pushes us from underneath.
And the air in her understanding
pulls us from above.
And up we go.
Free at last.
Leaving gravity to it’s daily chore
of holding all things in place.
Not us. Not today.
And as we soar we feel whole!
And to our complete joy,
our complete and utter jubilation
We find the sky full of radiant phoenixes.
Magenta Cobalt Gold and Green Ones
Purple Red White and Black Ones
Orange and Brown and Aqua Ones
A whole flock of Phoenix women.
And together we fly
on the wisdom of the shared flock.
Resurrected birds of glory.
Bright and beautiful, Bold and Dangerous.
Wild and full of hope. Brave and Abundant.
Join us, or watch us fly by.
But let us rise bird sisters
and claim our skies!
Shiloh McCloud ©2007

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Own Studio

Prescription from the Art Doctor!

I think every woman must have a studio of her own! Whether painter, poet, potter or whatever medium you use to "create"!

A studio can be from as small a thing as a journal at the cafe - to the converted garage - to the reclaimed guest room - to the shed on a hill. Once we commit to having a studio - we will find that the studio has a mind of her own - and will demand more and more space be dedicated in service to creativity!

It does not have to be grand, but it does have to be equipped with materials, hopefully that do not get "put away" but are always kept out so that as SOON as you are ready to go - you can create. Even if it is for 15 minute segments. A lot can be accomplished during little sacred increments! The most important thing - is just to get started, make it a regular part of your life through your commitment and don't let anything get in the way!

Once you have the space, all you will need is the equipment. I've listed items that I use to create!! I hope you find it helpful to begin your creative and legendary life!

ACRYLIC PAINT - Golden Brand if possible

You basically only need one shade of each color - but in some cases I have suggested two.

white titanium
bone black
raw umber
burnt umber
burnt sienna
indian yellow
hansa yellow light
pyrolle orange
pyrolle red
cadmium red
quinacridone magenta
quinacridone gold
quinacridone crimson
phthalo blue
ultramarine blue
permanent violet dark
turquoise thalo
green gold
phthalo green
hookers green
iridescent copper light
iridescent copper dark
iridescent silver
iridescent bronze
and whatever else looks GOOD to you!


5-25 assorted sizes
mostly rounds
a few big rounds
a few liners and little ones
very few flats
get some bristly ones (scrubbers)


gallery wrapped canvas
140 lb. watercolor paper
old wood scraps, gessoed

Additional Supplies:

CANVAS or RUG for the floor
LIGHTS - direct and indirect
TABLE - fold up covered with paper or plastic
Liquitex Medium
Tee-shirts/paper towells
Spray bottle - fine mist
Several water jars
A plant or two
A candle, a mirror, a little altar

A nice bin/box, hopefully with handles to hold all of it.

I also provide a kit with most of this stuff, if you want us to provide it for you - it is $350.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leading A Legendary Life

Leading A Legendary Life
Identity as Art and Living Within the Context of Legend
By Shiloh Sophia McCloud

What does it mean to live a legendary life?

Choosing to live a legendary life means giving ourselves permission to be amazing. 
We define what ‘amazing’ is for ourselves. It is not the “what” of living, but the “how.” Choosing to be legendary is more than an attitude and more than a way of being. When we choose to be legendary we have decided that we are defining the context in which our lives will be lived and experienced. Do you want vitality? Self expression? Do you want to feel like your life is on purpose? Do you want to live as an artist, with creativity as a central theme? There is a sparkling destiny waiting for you to say YES!

The incredible good news is that as soon as you choose - the legend begins to do its teaching.
We begin to put in context what has already occurred and what we are creating as a part of the whole design. We are the designer, and our life is the creation. The more we choose to create a life of meaningful relationships and projects, the more we call towards ourselves that which is in alignment with our legendary values. But even before we can define what is legendary for us we have to define our values - what is important to us. When we are clear on that - we then can proceed to invent a way of approaching life that creates it as consistent with our values.

To choose to live a legendary life means we are the opposite of the victim, while we are cognizant of our story so far, and we don’t need to get “rid” of it - we learn to use it to create our legend by putting it in context - we claim it and stop resisting it. The ragged story is disempowering us through the our keeping active the suffering of the past. All that we have been through can be used to create our living legend in the present. A life lived this way is a design process, not a reaction process. Therapy only goes so far, then it is time to take responsibility for how we respond to everything that comes from this moment on.

For example, a woman who can stay home and raise her children without having to “make a living” can consider herself living a legend of being a full time mama. Now days, this is a luxury. How she thinks about this privilege will define the benefit her and her child and her partner will receive. Another woman may be able to run a big company while raising children with the help of her family - it is up to her to create the context through which she is viewing her experience. Her gratitude and presence of mind and heart towards what is, will empower her to create more of what is possible. She feels like a legendary success because she can “have it all’ and make it work.

Another example may be regarding woman who is abused becoming an advocate for abused/disadvantages women. Her own story adding to her ability to tend the wounds of others - therefore, her story, which once oppressed her, can be transformed into a healing legend. On the other hand, a woman who is abused who cannot break the pattern and finds herself continuing to abuse self or others, has not been able to transform her story into a legend. She does not have the proper tools to make the transition. Having access to the proper tools is a privilege. Many people around the world do not even know that others of us have a choice. And even closer to home, many of us just struggle from self esteem which will prevent us from creating a context in which we can thrive, and express our calling. While we may uplift others who endured hardship for their overcoming spirit - we tell ourselves we do not have what it takes, therefore avoiding doing the work of being amazing, first to ourselves and then in the relationship with others. What is your legend about you? How are you holding yourself back from being your most wonderful self? What will it take for your heart to open towards you and others? When our love expands beyond our story, and we begin to create a life that is not limited by the past, but informed by it,
healing occurs. Victory is in the making. But how does it happen?

An awakened heart is the ground work for being able to transform our legendary life into a life
that serves others and becomes a blessing to the world. The true joy of life is found through being a blessing to others. When it is a part our legend to ease suffering, “others” will be not only a focus, but an inspiration to continue to maintain the power of creating ourselves as legendary. We do not become legendary out of a desire to be ‘great’ as in famous - but out of a desire to first be great, as in our own eyes.

Practicing self honor is an integral part of creating our legend - and in fact it is the substance of self honor that actually informs the legend itself. To practice self honor is to come from the place of love for oneself - which naturally becomes love for others if we continue to strive for the next chapter in our unfolding legend. We can all find ourselves being stuck, the day in and day out of survival is enough to put us into a stooper - we are aware that life can be stooper inducing we can make a commitment to “RESIST” mediocrity, whatever that is to us.

How, we might ask, are we to begin this journey of self invention and the creation of the legendary self? The woman in possession of herself and her identity. The woman who knows what she wants and stands for herself. A woman who does not allow herself to continue in ways of being that enforce self degradation. A woman who is actively and consciously pursuing her life purpose. A woman with a vision!

The first step is to make the decision to be legendary. Then begin a series of questions and explorations in your life, asking things like: What makes me feel proud? Happy? In what wasy do I want to express myself as an artist? When have I felt my best? Who are my sheroes/heroes? Who do I want to grow up to be? What have I always wanted to do? What would bring me bliss? What would I be wearing, where would I be going, as my legendary self. Our legendary self is a combination of what is, what is next, and an active imagination. The dictionary describes legend as myth, saga, epic, tale, story, folk tale, folk story, fairy tale, fable, mythos, folklore, lore, mythology, fantasy, oral history, folk tradition; urban myth. You don’t have to share it with others. It does not have to make sense. You just have to practice being legendary in the privacy of your own wild heart.

Want to know a secret? You will know it is your legend if it excites you. If the hair on your arms stands up. If you want to dance and you don’t know why. If you smile when you see yourself that way. Creativity is the substance through which your search will occur. Art is the medium that legend is born through. Whether it be a dance, a painting, a poem, a chicken soup, a quilt, a beaded necklace or shawl - bringing FORM to our thoughts creates a shift within us that grants access to the inner workings of the legendary self. Our identity lives inside of our creative soul. We cannot just think it. We have to do it. That is why practicing art will be the most powerful change agent that will inform your process. It does not matter if you are good. If you know how to do it. What matters is that you do it with intention. You approach the canvas, and you invite your legendary self to come forward. What are her colors? Her symbols? Her patterns? Her sounds, shapes, songs and stars. Does she wear a cosmic cloak? Red cowgirl boots? Does she look like shaman? Does she heal? Sing? Dance? Create miracles? What is her role in life. Ask her!

Through contemplative creativity begin searching your life, past, present and future for your legendary woman self. Invite her to tea. Invite her into your journal. Let her out of your closet. Go and buy her a pair of new shoes. Cater to her. Take her to the museum, to the park. Listen for her voice. Listen to your heart. Take notes. This is your official permission slip to begin!

Why not be legendary?

Did I mention how much more fun life is when you identify as a legend?

Self IMAGE - Where have we gone wrong?
We have, with the continual prodding of parents, authorities and media joined who we are with a self image perception and made the two, one, which are meant to be two.

see yourself as others see you


Create yourself based on what you love.
Use imagination to “invent” a story about your unfolding life.
Recognize that becoming who you are is a continuum not a destination.
Begin to recognize your affinity - what comes naturally to you, what you naturally come to .
Who you are is not something fixed, you are a combination of what is, and what is possible.


Recognize that a life lived with purpose creates a life of meaning.
Choose a focus during all times that answers the question: What are you excited about?
Know that you do not have to stay with a focus forever, but you need to find one now.
You MUST have a focus in order for the next one to make itself available to you.
Choose to believe that you have a purpose, and that you ARE on purpose all the time.


Make a decision to measure all decisions within the context of your legend.
About all things, ask: Does it add or take away from my legendary self?
Say no to all that is not consistent with your legend.
Choose to NEVER not be working on your focus.


Once you have a transformation or healing regarding an old story - choose to remember
that you have already dealt with it.

Make a commitment not to let your old stories/patterns take up more than 20% of your thoughts.

Move towards that which makes you uncomfortable.

Choose design instead of reaction. Be prepared.


Invite others to join you in creating a legendary life.

Create yourself in words and images for others.

Care how you are perceived by others.

Make giving and receiving an integral part of your daily practice.

Be interested in others. Truly.

ORIGIN Middle English (sense 4) : from Old French legende, from medieval Latin legenda ‘things to be read,’ from Latin legere ‘read.’ Sense 1 dates from the early 17th cent.


1 Arthurian legends myth, saga, epic, tale, story, folk tale, folk story, fairy tale, fable, mythos, folklore, lore, mythology, fantasy, oral history, folk tradition; urban myth.
2 film legends celebrity, star, superstar, icon, phenomenon, luminary, leading light, giant; informal celeb, megastar.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Passionate Soul

Passionate Soul
Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Once she found her dream
she followed it with all the
passion in her soul.
She spent considerable time
for her dream to come.

She knew she had one
there just seemed to be
so much space
between it and her.
Sometimes she felt it nearby
like a cloudy whisp brushing her cheek.
Oh, there you are! she would exclaim
And it was so familiar that she wondered
how she could have ever lost it.
But dreams are not ever lost,
she thought,

And finally she found her dream.
Or her dream found her
as the case sometimes is.
And it was more than a whisp.
It felt like a river that flowed through her.
Full of life.
And it had been there all along.
Like a garden that grows within
ripe with fruit, flowers and birds.
Finding a dream is a light that shines brilliantly
and never dims again.

When her dream came to stay
she immediately felt joy.
For all those
who cannot find
or follow their own dreams.
Then she said,
This is my moment!
I will focus on my own dream first.
Then others.
(Like on the airplane, she thought
secure your own life vest first.)

Then she felt relieved.

She began to take immediate action
on her dreams behalf.
For she knew
that it was in the fulfillment of dreams
that the true miracles emerged.

She is a passionate soul.
One of the ones who loves life.
One of the ones who will not give up.
One of the ones will stand for others,
Not To Give Up
on their dreams, hopes, desires.

And the greatest thing
about her dream come true
-that she could possibly imagine-
was that her dream
was to call others to their dreams.
To remind

So she decided
that to be unreasonable
about things like
love and dreams and visions.
And she started about her work
as the priestess of dreams.

It is not uncommon to find her these days
sitting in the garden
in a circle of women and children
and fathers and grandparents
asking them about thier visions,
and sharing ideas
about how to make them come true.

She is a passionate soul.
And passion must be expressed.
Soul must be shared.
And dreams must be lived.
"Live Your Dream Out Loud!"
She calls to us from her garden,
Can You Hear The Voice of Your Dream?

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Greetings to you! Well it is almost midnight - which is the time I usually start these newsletters. They may as well be called loveletters. I like the peace and quiet of this hour - the fire crackling, the wind blowing, the kitty snoring softly. I am leaning up against my red velvet coach and a soft light is around me. And a big glass of water. And a heart full of the sharing spirit.

Last time I wrote it was about Grandma Eden. Well she passed into Paradise on May 2. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and warm wishes. I leave tomorrow with my brother and sister (very early) for Seattle for the Celebration Service this weekend. I will take part in the ceremony. And I have ordered a three layer lemon cake with raspberries and fresh flowers.

Hospice spoke of parting gifts. For some time, we wondered just what that would be. There were several, but one in particular I would like to share with you. Grandma showed us how long you could go without food and be strong. To the end, she could hug us hard, squeeze our hand and look us right in the eye. So my Mama and step-Papa and I set about doing a fast and cleanse journey. There was a health issue that needed to be resolved, and so the other two of us said we would get on board the green drink highway to health. It has been 27 days now and we are all still cleansing. I am so inspired that I am planning a five day workshop with painting, walking and green drinks at my studio in Mendocino. I will keep you posted! Grandma gave us the courage, a family member in need gave us the cause, and the desire for wellness continues to encourage us to move forward. By they way - the health issue - which was quite serious - is resolved. It is so amazing how life offers inspiration in the most unusual ways.

I am going to have a tiny piece of Grandma's cake though! I am sure I have told you about cake communion! For those of you who want to read her obituary - my mom wrote it and it describes her legend so well.

When I got home from Port Townsend I painted this painting, Passionate Soul in my Awakened Heart Workshop - and it represents the group soul. You might remember the Bountiful One, that was the one from the last workshop. These paintings are so wonderful for me because they are the demonstration painting that I use to show students what to do next - what is possible!The painting always ends up looking like the energy of the group and it is a testimony to the beauty of working together. And so I dedicate this painting to Jill, Cyndee, Heidi, Marcia, Sue and Carolin. Thank you for the sweetness of your passionate souls!

Each painting represents a transformation in me, as well as my prayers for the world. So when this painting came and was all about the dream - I have allowed it to teach me. I have allowed myself to consider my dreams with a fresh perspective. Especially in the light of the suffering, the hardships from earthquakes to tornadoes to polar bears - our world is feeling the effect of our neglect. Our lack of insight into what was/is needed to sustain a healthy balance. I wonder, how do we go on? When so many are suffering (this is clearly a recurring theme for me) and we have so much? I do what I can do. I share what I can share. I go out of my comfort zone all the time to do work that I love, and that is needed. I believe we can find a balance between the needs of the world, or others, and our own needs.

When I was in seminary in Boulder, CO, I made a parallel between the o-zone and our own energy zone. I remember thinking how hair spray and toxins damage the o-zone - and that damage done by toxins/trauma to our bodies/souls, creates a tear in our own personal energetic o-zone layer. The class was called Subtle Body Anatomy. I was 25 then, I wish I could read that paper now! And the reason I mention this - is because I feel that we can do work to repair those tears. It would be better if we can prevent them all together - but for now - I consider myself a mender of the tears. (I just looked in the dictionary twice to make sure that 'tear' - as crying and tear and is rip - is spelled the same. It is.) And the way I go about that mending - is through unreasonable love, and creativity.

I have seen with my own eyes, a woman wounded by years of personal trauma, be transformed through creativity. I have seen and felt, girls gain instant renewed confidence when using creativity as tool for self discovery. Does this mean "art" will heal everything and now it will all be good? Certainly not.
However, it does provide a CONTEXT in which to live our lives.
For example, my last paintings were a part of my grieving process for my grandmother. And since her passing my mother has been working on Grandma's scrapbook album. Made with hand-written poetry, photographs, William Morris print paper,
greeting cards, birth and death certificates, photos of my great grandmother on a horse. That is one of the things she did with her grief. Tearing and tearing all the way through her work.
My sister is writing about it. We create through our pain.

Granted, this does no address the kind of pain that comes from other kinds of trauma, like what is happening all over the world right now. I made CNN my home page and so I am constantly in touch with, one version of news anyway, what is going on. My work is continually informed by the suffering, and the victories of others - folks I do not even know - who live in my heart with me and those I do know.

There are different forms of activism. And I think that those on the front lines of suffering, and those suffering, benefit in some metaphysical way from those us who dance for healing - who paint for transformation - who make chicken soup for family members - who garden to bring healing to the earthy - who do yoga bring world peace. Does it sound -oh-so-california? Well, I don't care - because I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the power of the artists and the visionaries keeping the fiber of beauty and possibility flowing through the tears.

In the great shawl of humanity, the wharf is the art and poetry and the woof is the suffering and despair - and together - we make the world. And together we shall heal it. I don't know what that looks like. I think we have some idea. But I imagine a world where there is enough to eat for everyone. And war is no longer an option. And loving kindness is the highest ethic. And art is in every school, every day.

I send you strength for your days
I send you rest for you nights
I send you abundance for your lives
and I send you courage for your dreams.

Reverend Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me...

And he, Jesus came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read. And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written,

The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

And he closed the book, and he gave [it] again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him.

And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of his mouth.

Luke 4:16-22

p.s. I am now in Port Townsend - it is time to meet my family for church, it is Sabbath and my mother and step-papa are teaching. I will read the scriptures. Then we will hang Grandma's art show. Forgive the raw un-edited version of this newsletter - but I am off to Celebrate Grandma! The sun is coming up on the Puget Sound and the scent of flowers float in the air. And yes, the birds are singing. And the mermaids are singing too - each to each, and I do think they will sing to me, T.S. Eliot, and to you too.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What IS A Cosmic Cowgirl? A Cosmic Cowboy?

A note regarding what a Cosmic Cowgirl is...
A Cosmic Cowgirl is a woman who moves between the worlds — She is connected to things divine and etheric (cosmic) and to the earth, the grass roots. She likes to work in the earth with her hands, and she loves to get dressed up and sparkle her magic. She can manage her own ranch and she rides her horse in the "rodeo of the soul." She holds within her the desire to be both Holy Woman and Wild Woman, and have them be not polarized, but integrated. She does not toss away the challenges and suffering of the world as "negative" but uses them for compost from which to grow beauty. She is both fierce and compassionate.

Images of cowgirls conjure a woman sitting tall, and inspire fun things like cowgirl boots and hats, music on the back porch with our family and human friends and our animal friends — fun creatures that we can playfully bond with. In researching women and horses, we have come up with amazing stories from all over the world, like cowgirls were among some of America's earliest professional athletes. Tracking the evolution of the horse shows that they have inhabited most of this planet in one form or another at one time or another. We like to imagine that girls and women have always played and worked with them.

At our Cosmic Cowgirls Conference we wore hats and boots and vests along with our lace and pearls, and roses and rhinestones. We celebrated our legends. We are reclaiming the land, the range, and the territory for ourselves. Think of women who are in control of their lives and loving it. Women who dare. Women who love hard. Work Hard. Play Hard. Women, like us, who take what belongs to us and use it for good.

A Cosmic Cowgirl must decide for herself what this represents for her. It is up to each of us to create our own legends. We are the hero of our own story. We are the ones riding off into the sunset. Let's celebrate! Yahoo!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Heart of the VISIONARY Wonder Women!

I am TOTALLY amazed and blessed by the weekend I just shared with about thirty women! It was our first launch of Heart of the Visionary Workshop since the e-book came out on December 12! A total success! The women were so inspiring, so full of fire and power and possibility - and yes PAINT! I was blown away by the paintings the women came up with - each one so unique to them. To see each woman proud and glowing about her work - and sparked about her own creativity - well, it warmed my soul! I think all of us were amazed! And then on the second day - women powered down and powered up on their visions for their life work - many reported break throughs - break downs and break on through to the other sides...

This is the kind of shared wisdom space where women are empowered to DO the work they are in the world to do! I was BLESSED (with all capitals) to be in the presence of these gifted beings. And I have not stopped asking myself - what do we do next? Do we have phase two? What about the train the trainer next spring? Where do we go from here to hold each other accountable? I am so excited about the next one in April, because I was so inspired by last weekend!

Thank you - all of you - for being a part of this dream come true!